Increase your average orders and conversions using the best cross-selling app in the market.

Create Boards

Create stories, sets, inspiration and conversions

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Separate Yourself

Up-sell, cross-sell your products or showcase them on social media

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Improve Conversion

Less buttons, less searching equals a lower barrier to purchase

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Create sets and bundles easily

Muzeboard is the only all in one tool that allows you to group products together in a visually aesthetic way to encourage consumers to purchase multiple items in one sale.

  • “Shop The Look”  is all the rage but no app actually allows you to drag, drop, flip, rotate, move back, move forward.
  • Create not only a “look”  but actually allows consumers to buy all products within the board or just a singular product from that board.

Create a unique product experience

Once you create your board it automatically gets published to “list of Muzeboards” page on your site.  This page showcases all your looks and enables them to be transactional not just inspirational unlike other “shop the look” pages you see on the internet.

  • Each Muzeboard has its own Details Page with the Inspiration Image, Products, Item Descriptions, and Tags for search functionality.
  • You can take this link anywhere to upsell, cross-sell your products or showcase them across various channels of social media.

Easy one-step checkout flow

Each muzeboard has its own “Add-to-Cart” button which allows users to add all the products in the board to the cart or select the products individually from the board to be added to the cart.

  • Less buttons, less searching equals a lower barrier to purchase.
  • The Checkout links directly with your store's payment system in order process a transaction.