The Muzeboard  Shopify App

From your Shopify Admin Portal, go to the Apps section and click on the “Visit Shopify App Store”. Search for “Muzeboard” and click “Get”.


Next, click on Install App:


At this point you will be asked to create your Muzeboard account so please add your details (you can add a different email than what you use for Shopify) and click on “Register”.

Once registered you’ll be redirected to your Muzeboard admin portal.

From your Shopify Admin Portal, click on “Apps” and then click on “Muzeboard”. You will be redirected to your Muzeboard Admin Portal. On the left, you will find the menu option “Create Muzeboard”. You can start creating boards by searching for products from your store and adding them to the board canvas:

You can add products to the board canvas by Drag and Dropping the image. For touchscreen devices you can add products to the board canvas by tapping on the image and tapping in the “Add to Canvas” button displayed in the product pop up details.

Once you have finished working on your board, you can either click on “Publish” and it will be published to your online e-commerce page, “Save” for later or create a “New” Board” to start from scratch.

Now that you have created a new Muzeboard or have finished editing a previously saved version, you can go ahead and publish your boards by clicking “Publish” and changing the board status like in the screenshot below:

You can check your e-commerce page, and see the new board, by clicking on the “View your board…” link in the upper right corner.

Once your board is published, you can share it on social media or share the URL manually. Anyone that receives the link will be able to access the board and shop the full board or only some items.

Once the application is installed, it will add two types of pages to your online store.

A. Board List page which shows all published boards in a grid of tiles:


B. Board Detail page which showcases products used in the board:


You can add board list page to your navigation menu by going to Shopify Admin Portal>Online Store>Navigation>Main menu:


In the main menu section, add new menu item.

  1. Give it a name. E.g.: Muzeboards, Shop the Look, Lookbook, etc
  2. Choose Pages>BoardList link from a dropdown of links as shown below or paste link https://<your webstore address>/pages/board-list
  3. Save new menu item and save menu changes.

So, you have created your boards and are now wondering how to promote them on your homepage? Here are three simple steps to follow.

  1. Download the board image you want to showcase by going to the particular board in the Muzeboard admin portal and clicking on “Download and Promote” button.

2. Inside your Shopify admin portal, go to Online Store > Themes > Customize and then add a new section to your homepage.

Psst, here’s an inside tip, we find that the following types of sections work best with muzeboards: collection list, featured collection, and gallery. Try playing around with these types to find the one that works best for your store. 

3. Populate the newly created section with your board images, link these images to the board details page, and publish your changes. It’s that easy 🙂

P.S. Feel free to browse our demo store

You can always change the default styling and layout of the board details page and the board list page to fit your brand style.

To make changes go to Online Store > Themes > More Actions > Edit code and find page.boarddetails.liquid page.

Feel free to update the button names, board title layout and anything else you desire. If you have any questions we are here to help! Just send us a message at

About Muzeboard For Designers is an online platform for designers that allows you to build and share design boards around your inspiration images using our extensive home furnishing catalog.

These boards will be featured on your personal shop-the-look transactional store, where your customer can shop for all their design needs.

Your designer dashboard will allow you to follow all your customer transactions as well as shipping and tracking.

Free! We welcome all designers to join and explore this new design tool.

To sign up for a Muzeboard account:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on “Sign Up Now”
  3. Enter the required information in the fields provided
  4. Click on “Sign-Up”

Our catalog of over 350’000 products available for Muzeboard are imported by our in-house merchandising team and buyers at HomeSquare. New brands and products are being updated daily.

Yes, Muzeboard is fully transactional. Your clients can shop from your personal shop-the-look store. All items are linked to our in-house catalog so your customer can purchase all their furnishing needs.

All of your orders will be managed through HomeSquare. All orders can be viewed in your designer store dashboard.

Using the Muzeboard Tool

Creating Muzeboards is quick and easy – click and drag the items you want to display on your Muzeboard, attach an Inspiration Image to the board and a board description, and click on Save and/or Publish.

To create a new Muzeboard and choose your Inspiration image:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. From the navigation menu on the left, under the APPLICATIONS section, click on Muzeboard.
  3. Click on “Create New Muzeboard”
  4. To search your store inventory for products to display on the Muzeboard, under the Products section on the right hand side, enter either a product name, description, SKU number or product ID and the system will display a list of products that match the description.
  5. From the list, you can drag and drop items to the Muzeboard on the left to achieve the design you are looking for.
  6. Once the board is complete, simply click on the green “Save” button above the Muzeboard to save the board to your collection. Choose a name for your board, enter a description, and add any relevant tags. Lastly, upload your Inspiration Image.

You can choose to Publish your board on your website right away, by clicking on the “Yes” button next to Publish, or this can be done at a later time.

An Inspiration Image is a high quality lifestyle image of a completely furnished room. The Inspiration image is tied to the Muzeboard, so while the Inspiration Image displays the look you are trying to create, the Muzeboard itself contains the individual products that are available for sale.

Finding inspiration for your board can be challenging so here are our top 5 websites for free stock images:

  • Pexels  – Offering daily new high-quality photos.
  • Pixabay – Over 1M free stock photos and art illustrations.
  • Unsplash – Free photos, gifted by a community of photographers.
  • Picjumbo – A popular resource for your social media and over 600 high resolution photos for free
  • Gratisography – Free high-resolution pictures you can use on your personal and commercial projects.

Once you have created your Muzeboard, attached an Inspiration Image to it, and added any applicable tags and descriptions, it’s time to publish your board. There is a toggle button to either Save your board and Publish, or Save without Publishing.

While you are working to create the perfect board, you can save your progress without publishing the board. Inside the portal, in the board editing section, there are options to either Save and Publish, or just save without publishing.

Tip: if your board has already been published, but you need to make a few edits to it, you can make those edits and click again on Publish, and your published board will be updated with the new changes.

The Muzeboard Customer Support Team can be reached by email:

Order fulfillment will be handled by Homesquare. All items on a Muzeboard will be shipped as soon as they are available and could result in separate shipments. Please note that the estimate delivery date is our best guess on when the item will reach you, but other factors pertaining to the manufacturer or delivery company may affect the delivery date.

Account Management

To connect your designer dashboard to your social media accounts, select “Social” in the settings category  then select all networks you wish to connect by ticking the box and inputting the account URL.

Turn on your social media icons by selecting “Social”  in the settings column in the left menu of your dashboard . Here you will see “Share Buttons “. Tick the icons you wish to see on the top right corner of your board details page.

You can add or update your profile image by selecting the round icon on the top right hand corner of your dashboard. Select “Profile” in the drop down menu, upload and save your avatar.


This image will display below the Muzeboard, indicating who created the design.

All customer orders can be viewed by clicking the orders option in the menu bar of your designer dashboard.

To track your store performance through analytics , you must obtain a unique GTM Container ID by signing up to

Save your GTM code to your designer dashboard by selecting the “General”option in the settings column on the left menu bar . Then enter the code in the bottom column stating ‘Analytics & Tracking” before saving.

First things first. You will need to choose a subscription type, so please click on “Continue with Free Subscription”:



You can now start building Muzeboards. You can search for products, edit boards, arrange products etc.


Create as many boards as you would like. The more boards you publish, the more sales commission you will accumulate.



Your Muzeboards can be published on your website and shared on social media and by email. In all cases, if a purchase is made from all the above channels, it will be attributed back to your store using an affiliate ID that is attached to the board URL once it’s published.

You can always review your Muzeboards on your own website:

Shoppable Instagram (Beta)

This is a new Muzeboard feature and it is currently still being rolled out. This is why we added the Beta next to it’s name.

To activate this new feature, please go to Setting -> Applications and activate the Instagram App as shown in the screenshot below. You will also need to log into your own Instagram account to activate the feed.

Next, under Muzeboards, you will find the Shoppable Boards (Beta) section. Here is where you will have two options available:

  1. “Instagram Feed” is where you can upload all of your Instagram images and select the ones that are suitable to create a Muzeboard. Click on  “Check Instagram for New Photos” to load your images.
  2. “Shoppable Board List” is where you can finalize your boards by adding the items and creating Muzeboards ready to share


Unfinished boards will be marked with the following message “Finish Your Shoppable Instagram Board”.

Once your board is finished, you can publish it to your website or share it, just like you would do with any Muzeboard.

Under the Shoppable Boards menu option, go to Shoppable Board List. This is where you will find all Instagram images you have converted into Muzeboard inspiration images.

A board that only has an inspiration image, but no products attached to it will be marked with the message “Finish your Shoppable Board” and tagged as Unfinished. See below:


Go ahead and click on your unfinished board to start adding products. You can add products to your inspiration image by searching for them by name of product, brand or attribute (red, modern, wood) and dragging and dropping them onto the image.

Once you have gathered all of your desired products, click on Publish to finish and publish your board on your Muzeboard page.

If you would like to see all of your published Instagram inspired Shoppable Boards, click on the “View Boards on Web Store” link from inside the Admin Portal, like in the screenshot below:

You can add this link to your Instagram profile URL to make it easier for customers to access your Web Store.