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Inspiration is the first stepnot the last step

Whether you like an image, created a room, or designed a room this is your opportunity to convert it to monetization to more than one client.

  • Simply upload an inspiration image to begin building your monetization board
  • This image will be the basis for you to select the same or similar products that match that setting

Why be restricted by limited partnerships with Vendors

No longer do you need to have your imagination restricted by the vendors you solely work with today. We have partnerships with over 1,000 of the most recognizable brands in home and home furnishings

  • Search for products that fit your Inspiration Image from over 350K products
  • Drag the images into your canvas
  • Drop the image into the board and position it to the look you want to create

Its that simple, Search, Drag, Drop.  We take care of the rest.

Publish your boards to every channel imaginableand start earning today

Never before has a platform offered the reach with the ease that Muzeboard offers.

  • With ease you can title your board, create tags, and push across all channels such as Facebook, Pinterest, Houzz, Amazon
  • Create a landing page on your own site, and also publish to our central community for retailing your vision.
  • When a board sells, we handle the shipping, we place the order, pay the vendor, and then pay you a commission on the sale.
  • We also handle all the customer service, returns, and any damages
  • Earn 10% commission on every dollar your board generates

Our Vision, Our Story

Muzeboard was created with the dream of being able to share the design world’s creativity and enable them to monetize their work outside of their normal operations.

We are creating a community that can inspire and bring a consumer’s wish to reality. Muzeboard is a subsidiary of an online technology company that specializes in Home and Home Furnishing Retail, but it is a little different. We don’t want to be a traditional e-commerce retailer where consumers come in to the site, fumble through hundreds of thousands of products and get lost along the way. We want professionals to use our technology, our relationships with vendors, our state of the art shipping networks, and finally to really scale their creativity.

This allows Designers to do solely what they love doing, designing, and provides consumers with unparalleled inspiration that can be shopped in one location, one transaction backed by one of the largest digital home furnishings companies in the industry.

Lets do something special together.

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